Kichi For G8 / 8.1 Females

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Kichi, a new cute Eurasian character.

Kichi for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female comes with lots of options to play with, like different skin tones and a variety of makeups.

Kichi measurements.

Bust 31' (78cm)

Waist 23' (58cm)

Hips 32' (80cm)

Height 5" 3' (161cm)

As measured by DAZ Measure Metrics.

Included in this Package:


Kichi Character Preset.

Head Apply / Remove.

Body Apply / Remove.

Nipples Apply / Remove.

Ellery Skin Iray with No Brow option.

Seperate skins and settings for the G8 and G8.1 character.

129 4K Maps (4096 x 4096)

4 Translucency Settings.

Bump High/Low Settings.

Normal Maps Apply/Remove.

3 Tanlines.

4 Tanline Settings.

10 Eye Colours plus Shadow ON/OFF. 2 Normals Maps. Cornea Reflection ON/OFF

12 Makeup Options with various strength settings.

1 Kichi Fibermesh Eyebrows with 6 colours.

Eyelashes Apply with 3 Textures and 6 Colours.

10 L.I.E Eyeliners.

10 L.I.E Blush Colours.

12 Lip Colours plus base colour.

15 Fingernail Colours.

15 Toenail Colours


NOTE: Any hair or outfits used in the promotional images are NOT part of the package unless specifically stated otherwise.


System Requirements:


Genesis 8 Female and Morphs.

For Genesis 8.1, DAZ 4.15 and the updated Genesis 8 Female Starter Essentials.

This product was tested in DAZ Studio.

This product was not tested on a Mac.

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Kichi For G8 / 8.1 Females

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